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Have you seen your world torn apart by drug or alcohol addiction and live in the seaside city of Brighton and Hove? If you are ready to put your life back on track, then Which Rehab can be of assistance. We are ready for your call.

We are renowned for delivering reasonably priced rehab services in your area. Which Rehab brings you the most superlative detox programme, catering to your personal requirements. You can profit from the right clinical and therapeutic therapy to conquer your addiction.

Addiction Intervention Brighton & Hove

Unfortunately, in many instances, one of the major hurdles to overcome when considering rehab is accepting you have an addiction. There are many people in the UK who may be living in denial about their problems with drugs or alcohol. If you are concerned you, or someone close to you, may be showing the signs of dependency, then we can organise an intervention. Which Rehab will arrange for an advisor to speak to you, to determine if you have an issue, putting you on course for recovery.
If deciding to move ahead with drug or alcohol detox, you can begin your in-depth rehabilitation programme.


Drug & Alcohol Detox Brighton & Hove

In the course of your treatment at our rehab clinic, you will be monitored by our
qualified medical professionals. We employ the finest doctors, nurses and psychiatric specialists who will carry out a thorough assessment on your arrival. They will familiarise themselves with your medical background and any former affiliation with addiction, before you commence detoxification.
During the process, you will be closely supervised as you stop taking drugs and alcohol and the toxins are cleansed from your system. This can lead to often intense withdrawal symptoms which can be difficult to handle. However, we can help ease the pain and discomfort of detox, prescribing the medication you need to make it through.

If you would like to examine the mental, as well as the physical, side of addiction, then Which Rehab can help. In the course of your treatment at our rehab centre, you will have continual therapy sessions. Allowing you the chance to discuss any past or current issues with a counsellor, to get to the root of your problems with drugs and alcohol.

Covering all of Brighton & Hove including rehab and detox help in:

Brighton Centre
Hove Park
Kemp Town
Preston Park

Elm Grove
Mile oak


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Which Rehab can also carry on assisting you after rehab thanks to our comprehensive follow-up and aftercare programme. You can be treated individually or as a group.  We can also see you as an outpatient, where we can help you acclimatise to life outside rehab. This can play a pivotal part in relapse prevention and carrying on with recovery.
Which Rehab is also on the front line of the latest therapy techniques used in treating dependency, including Integrated Counselling Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.


Alcohol & Drug Rehab Brighton & Hove

Which Rehab prides itself on being on the front line of drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton and Hove If you are all set to move ahead with addiction treatment, then contact our residential clinic in the area. Our advisors are waiting for your call