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Are you living in and around the county of Middlesex in the south east of England? Have you seen your life get caught in the mire of drugs and alcohol? It is not too late to find your centre. Let Which Rehab show you the way.

We set the standard in inexpensive rehab services in your district. You can rely on Which Rehab to treat any type of dependency. It is the place to find a superlative drug or alcohol detox programme to meet your personal needs. Above all, we appreciate each and every case is unique. Hence we can bring you the ideal clinical and therapeutic therapy to conquer your dependency.

Addiction Intervention Middlesex

Decide on an alcohol or drug detox from Which Rehab and benefit from the most all-encompassing care available, at our residential rehab centre in Middlesex.

However, for many people, the first obstacle is facing up to addiction. Are you, or someone close to you, in denial about your difficulties with drugs or alcohol? Do you need to talk to someone? We can set up an intervention, where a highly trained advisor can help you recognise whether you have an issue or not. It could be the push to set you on the path to recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Middlesex

If you are ready to enter alcohol or drug rehab, take your first step by staying at our residential rehab centre in the area. You will be met by our exceptional medical staff, doctors, nurses and psychiatric specialists, who will carry out a thorough evaluation. They will also explain what the rehab therapy programme entails, along with gathering your medical background or former association with addiction.

You are now all set for drug or alcohol detoxification, where addictive substances are washed from your system. Bringing on a variety of unpleasant side effects, but we can administer the medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

When you have concluded detoxification at the residential centre, you can engage in counselling. Profiting from both individual or group therapy, where you may examine any long-term problems, or pressing worries, which may be adding to your addiction.

As well as undergoing counselling, many people also find modern, cutting edge therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ICT (Integrated Counselling Therapy) aid in their recovery.

Covering all of Middlesex including rehab and detox help in:

Brent Cross

Bushey Heath
Potters Bar


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

The journey can continue even after you have finally finished rehab with our extensive aftercare programme. Offering you the opportunity to speak to a counsellor about any issues you have on leaving rehab. We can assist you with your ongoing recovery when you return home, which could be crucial for relapse prevention.

Therefore, if you are looking for the foremost drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Sussex, then call on Which Rehab. Arrange to stay at our local residential clinic in your area. You can experience the guidance and support you need to finally give up dependency once and for all.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Middlesex

These are just a few of the ways Which Rehab can help you overcome alcohol and drug addiction at our residential rehab clinic in Middlesex. So, if you would like to know more about the excellent guidance and support we provide, please get in touch.