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Are you struggling with an alcohol addiction and searching for an alcohol rehab London? With so many treatment options available and a range of alcohol rehabs in London to choose from, here at Which Rehab we understand it can be overwhelming.  Which Rehab are addiction specialists who are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide free expert addiction rehab and treatment advice to help you take the first step towards your recovery from alcohol addiction.

Our Rehab Directory

Which Rehab is proud to only work with Alcohol Rehabs London that are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure you only receive the highest quality treatment and care for your alcohol addiction.

We work with an extensive network of alcohol Rehabs London within our rehab directory who all offer a range of treatment options, facilities and cater to a range of budgets, so we can help you get the treatment and support you need to help you combat your alcohol addiction once and for all!

Whether you are looking to attend an alcohol rehab within central London or London’s surrounding areas, we can help put you in touch with the right alcohol rehab for you!

Alcohol detox and rehab

Heading Goes HereWhat Are My Treatment Options at an Alcohol Rehab London?

Dependent on the severity and duration of your alcohol addiction, you will be offered a variety of treatment options however, an alcohol rehab London will specialise in delivering bespoke treatment programmes that will address the patients’ medical, psychological, social, and holistic treatment needs.

The types of treatment available at an alcohol rehab London include:

  • Intervention and counselling – an effective tool in encouraging a family member or friend into treatment for addiction.
  • CBT – Cognitive behaviour therapy - a method to help patients change unhealthy behavioural thought patterns. It provides a solution-based foundation for patients seeking to change these deep-rooted patterns.
  • Medically assisted alcohol Detox – a detox programme where you will be withdrawn from alcohol use while coping with its symptoms. Often the first step in the rehabilitation process for people with significant levels of alcohol dependence.
  • Intensive individual addiction therapy - a space in which a counsellor can assist you to develop a deeper understanding of the issues that may have led to the development of an addiction disorder and devise a plan to help you rebuild a relationship with yourself.
  • Intensive group addiction therapy - Allows people to share experiences with others who are dealing with similar issues of alcohol addiction.
  • 12 step approach therapy - a spiritual, abstinence-based programme, that provides a set of guiding principles for the treatment of alcohol addiction which focuses on your motivation to change your unhealthy thought patterns and addictive behaviours.
  • Family and couple therapy – this treatment addresses the addiction as well as the relationships within the family to help you learn how to create goals and learn new behavioural techniques to develop the skills needed to make home life better.


These treatment options are also offered at an inpatient or outpatient facility

Which Rehab understands and appreciates that every patient has different expectations and requirements in terms of receiving the right treatment and their rehab experience.  We aim to do the best we possibly can to put you in touch with the right alcohol rehab London that not only will help you make a full recovery from your alcohol addiction but to also make your rehab experience as enjoyable as possible.

Benefits of Attending an Alcohol Rehab London

You have already done the hard part of taking the first step to seek help for alcohol addiction and so next is to benefit from receiving treatment for your addiction.


Benefits of attending an alcohol rehab London include:

  • Admission into a rehab 365 days a year
  • 24/7 medical support
  • A safe environment to recover / Removing you from situations that lead you to drink
  • Learn about alcohol addiction
  • Individual, tailored treatment programmes
  • Coping strategies and prevention to a relapse
  • Peer support
  • Recovery – Learning to live your life without an alcohol addiction
Addiction therapy and counselling group

If you, a loved one or someone else that you know is struggling with an alcohol addiction, it is important to recognise that the most crucial first step is to seek specialist support and you are already halfway there by researching for an alcohol rehab London.

To find out how Which Rehab can support you in overcoming your alcohol addiction, please contact us today and speak to one of our experienced counsellors for free advice and support.  Together we can do this!