Low alcohol drinks

The Driest Christmas Ever?

Sales of low and no-alcohol drinks are skyrocketing so are we looking at the driest Christmas ever? We have been going through a year unlike any other. Ever since the coronavirus hit, it has impacted our daily lives. Now it’s also affecting […]
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Alcohol cheap as coffee

A Week’s Booze For The Price Of A Coffee

Shocking research shows that the maximum recommended week’s booze ration can be bought for the price of a coffee. When it comes to buying alcohol, price can be a deciding factor for many people. Times are hard right now and money is […]
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Scotrail Train

Scotrail Closes Doors On Booze on Trains

Scotrail is stopping alcohol consumption on trains and in stations Scotrail has announced there will be no booze on trains in a response to the coronavirus outbreak. However, it may only be a temporary measure. All the way through the pandemic, people […]
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Virus Outbreak New Jersey

Catastrophic Death Toll In India Linked To Illegal Alcohol

In what could only be called a national tragedy, the continent of South Asia has been rocked by news that around 100 people in India have died from drinking illegally made alcohol. In the north of the country Punjabi police carried out […]
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Drunk driver being breathalised

Coffee Cup Leads Cops to Drink Driver Hiding In Chicken Farm

They say, if you consume to excess and get behind the wheel, you are certain to be found out in the end. But who could have predicted a drunk driver, evading the scene of the crime, would be found in, of all […]
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Scottish Parliament bollards

Drunk Driver Lucky Not To Be Shot

A drunk driver was lucky not to be shot when they crashed into an anti-terror bollard. Everybody knows it’s foolish to get behind the wheel when drinking. You are literally taking your life in your hands and could harm innocent people in […]
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Inside of an illegal drinking den in Ireland

Rise of Illegal Drinking Dens In Ireland

Police in Ireland are concerned about a rise in illegal drinking dens. Police in Ireland are concerned about a rise in the number of illegal drinking dens especially in the time of Covid-19. Every time the people in power make up a […]
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The harm of drinking alcohol

Report Shows COVID Increasing Possibility Of Alcohol Harm

You do not have to go far to see how coronavirus has impacted our daily lives. The UK has seen a rise in anxiety levels, as concerns about the future, and how the crisis may play out, preys on everybody’s minds. A […]
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Pint of beer

Do You Live In the City With The Most Hangovers & What Can We Do About Them?

How many times have you woken up, after a heavy night drinking and told yourself `never again`. Your head is splitting! You feel weak as a kitten and your stomach is turning ten to the dozen. You are feeling `tired and emotional`, […]
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Beer being poured into a glass

New Myco-adaptogens Beers Could Be Future Of Alcohol-Free drinking

It seems every day we are seeing the latest advances in the low or non-alcohol beer market. But the industry is buzzing with the release of a series of drinks called Britain’s first-ever ‘myco-adaptogenic’ alcohol-free beers. It is ironic that a revolutionary […]
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A helping hand

Families Call For More To Be Done For People Battling Addiction Across The UK

There are many different reasons why people drink or take drugs. They may be out of work or experiencing money problems, suffered a loss, have relationship or family problems. But sometimes it can seem as if they are going through it alone, […]
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Beer glasses saying cheers

Outcry As Bars In Houses Of Commons Kept Serving Booze After Curfew

Have you ever felt, for some people, the rules do not apply, and those in privileged positions are treated differently? It often seems as if there is one law for those in power and everybody else goes without. It can be particularly […]
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Change Your Life.

Are You ABVarious? Join The Revolution. It Could Change Your Life

The pandemic has forced us all to re-evaluate many different aspects of our lives. From our work and home life to what, for some, is the most important consideration, our health. It has been that way since the crisis began and this […]
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Woman drinking a bottle of red wine

Rise Sees Millions In The UK Become High Risk Drinkers During Lockdown

It is plain to see drinking habits have changed across the UK during lockdown. Millions around the UK have turned to alcohol throughout the pandemic, some believing we could be looking at an ever-growing addiction crisis, at risk of spiralling out of […]
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man wearing ankle tag

Don’t Sweat Sobriety

Ankle tags that measure alcohol levels in sweat to be rolled out in England and Wales. Before lockdown, the UK government was considering a dramatic course of action to try to reduce alcohol-related crime. There were plans to prohibit the sale of […]
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Woman with stomach pains

Woman Dies After Drinking On An Empty Stomach

An otherwise fit, healthy woman has died after drinking on an empty stomach People often say you should never drink on an empty stomach. In most cases, it can make you get drunk quicker and you can wake up with a hangover. […]
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Man with alarm clock when the clocks change

How To Sleep Through The Night When The Clocks Change

It is almost strange that, now people must stay indoors or self-isolate again, some may not have realised that at the end of October, the clocks change by an hour. This is after the usual change to British Summer Time back in […]
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pregnant woman refusing drink

Young People Unaware Women Should Not Drink When Pregnant

A new survey has found that almost 25% of young people are unaware that women should not drink alcohol when pregnant. There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to change their plans. They may have had to hold […]
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young men showing off with alcohol

Scotland – More Than Just A Drinking Culture

What image does Scotland conjour up? When people around the world think about Scotland many pictures appear in their mind. Images of stunning scenery, rolling hills, lochs, and glens. Tourists may have an almost Brigadoon vision of the country, where locals live […]
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man passed out on ground with alcohol bottles

Don’t Forget!

It’s well known that if you drink too much alcohol you might blackout. How many times have you had a lot to drink, and then couldn’t recall the night before? You know that when consuming alcohol you may face the dreaded hangover, […]
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alcoholic liver damage with glass of whisky

People At Risk Of Liver Damage

People are a risk of liver damage by drinking too much during lockdown During lockdown, it may not surprise you to learn that the UK has seen a growth in the number of people consuming alcohol. According to sources, booze sales have […]
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Licensing Scotland

No Extension to Licensing Hours

The Scottish Government has decided not to extend licensing hours during lockdown. There is no doubt many people are using alcohol to make it through the coronavirus crisis, despite the possible ill-effects to their health. They may be stocking up with beer, […]
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Patterns of Cocaine Use text

Is Cocaine Just For The Rich?

  Is cocaine use just for the rich or can anybody get hooked? There is a common misconception the class A drug is exclusively for the rich and famous. Most people have an idea of celebrities, rock stars or film actors snorting […]
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Man at yoga class

Yoga For Overcoming Addiction?

Can yoga be the key to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction? If you are living with an addiction, and have decided to get help, treatment can come in many forms. Generally, you may attend a rehabilitation centre, where you will stop taking […]
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Alcohol offers Advertised in supermarket

Call to Raise Price of Alcohol During Crisis

Some doctors have asked for the government to raise in the price of alcohol during the Covid-19 crisis. This has been a time when the NHS is facing almost unheard off demand. People were concerned that health services would find it hard […]
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know your alcohol limits

Low-Risk Drinkers May Still Have Health Issues

A Canadian study has suggested that low-risk drinkers may still be at risk from health issues.   Do you consider yourself to be one of the low-risk drinkers? How many times, when enjoying a drink, have you decided to have another? One […]
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Soldiers drinking in uniform

Addiction Recovery Programme For Soldiers

An addiction recovery programme for soldiers has been saved by army backing. They are committed to defending our country. They have risked their lives to keep us safe and we owe them a debt we can never pay. However, it is a […]
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Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

New Risks of Drinking When Pregnant

A new survey says drinking when pregnant could cause depression in the child as they become teenagers. Everybody knows having a baby is one of the most momentous decisions you could make in life. Most people are prepared to immediately alter their […]
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set of pills with warning of recent drug deaths

Drug Deaths At Festivals In Focus

A successful appeal by a man who supplied a fatal drug to his girlfriend brings drug deaths at festivals into focus. After a strange 2020 due to Covid19, we are now saying goodbye to British summertime and going into autumn. Music fans […]
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image of brain with genes

Genes Connected To Alcohol Abuse And Anxiety?

Scottish Scientists Find Gene Switch Which May Be Connected To Alcohol Abuse And Anxiety. Last blog post we wrote about how there may be a link between over consumption of alcohol and anxiety. Now scientists in Scotland may have a clue as […]
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alcohol abuse and anxiety

Drinking Too Much May Add To Anxiety In Stressful Times

It’s obvious that these are stressful times but have you considered that drinking too much may be adding to your anxiety? This is a very frightening time, and people all over the country are suffering anxiety, unsure about what’s going to happen. […]
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Two cans of alcohol-free G&T with glasses

You Do Not Have To Drink On Holiday

Try Alcohol-free G&T. Things may be crazy right now, but life seems to be heading back to normal. And, although it may not feel like it, people are still planning on going, or already on holiday before hopefully going back to work […]
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South African Drinking Beer

Countries Impose Second Alcohol Bans As COVID Cases Rise

Now lockdown restrictions are being lifted premises like shops, restaurants, and pubs are re-opening, albeit with social distancing. People are finally able to enjoy some things in life we have had to do without for months. Most of the world appears to […]
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alcohol based hand sanitiser

Vandals Steal Alcohol from Hand Sanitiser Stations

Just when you thought you had heard everything… it seems some people have been vandalising hand sanitiser stations so they can drink the alcohol!  But drinking hand sanitiser kills. There are reports some people in South Shields in the North of England […]
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Addiction Counselling

Rise In People Needing Help For Addiction

UKAT, a major addiction care provider, has noted a rise in people needing help for addiction in lockdown and want to investigate how to help them. Millions of people around the world have had a sense of trepidation throughout the pandemic. Now, […]
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Luvo Manyonga long jumps

Long Jumper in Trouble for Breaking SA Lockdown Rules

People all over the world, from the ordinary person on the street to the rich and famous, have seen their lives disrupted by lockdown. Governments around the globe have imposed strict rules to deal with the pandemic, and while some restrictions may […]
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Desserted pub in evening

Booze, Tea And Coffee Sales Rise

Booze, tea and coffee sales have risen after lockdown but pubs sales decline as customers stay away. We have all had to change our shopping or dining habits throughout the pandemic. During lockdown, pubs, bars, and restaurants were forced to close and […]
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Drinking before bed time

Alcohol and Sleep

A Little Drink At Bedtime May Keep You Awake How many times have you had trouble sleeping and made your way downstairs to the kitchen, thinking a small glass of beer or a wee dram might send you off to sleep? Alcohol […]
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Empty Bar due to lockdown

Restricted Number Of Punters Puts Pubs In Jeopardy

Number Of Punters In Pubs Restricted The restriction in the number of customers allowed in bars is still having a detrimental effects after they re-opened after lockdown. We were all wondering what life would be like when lockdown was eased and we […]
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alcohol affects immune system

Drinking and the Immune System

Could Your Drinking Affect Your Immune System? People have been drinking more in self isolation but this could be affecting their immune systems.  Ironically, consuming more alcohol to cope with lockdown could make you more susceptible to covid-19. This could have consequences […]
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Addiction Recovery Poster

Addiction Recovery In Lockdown and beyond.

Are You Battling Drug Or Alcohol Addiction? Maybe your addiction recovery has been disrupted by the pandemic but there is still help available. The coronavirus crisis has touched everyone in the UK. We have all had to grow accustomed to a new […]
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drinking too much when furloughed

Drinking Too Much May Become The `New Normal`

We have been living in lockdown for weeks now, and it has been a difficult process. We have seen many changes to our day to day lives, but now people are beginning to wonder what life will be like as quarantine is […]
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Empty pub post-covid19

All Quiet In The Pub?

Loud Music And Singing Banned in some newly reopened pubs. For a great many people, one of the hardest parts of lockdowns was how it affected social interaction. We have been unable to visit friends and family. And pubs, bars and restaurants […]
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office worker drinking at desk

Furloughed Workers Drinking More Under Lockdown

There are various words which may not have been widely used in the past but have now become common language. Expressions such as social distancing and furloughing are now part of everyday speech. The furlough scheme was set up by the government […]
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Aircraft flies against blue sky

Airlines Ban Booze On Some Planes

As flights resumed after lockdown some airlines announced a ban on the sale of alcohol during travel. We are now in the summer months when people are normally taking their holidays or trips abroad. However, the travel industry, just like everybody else, […]
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Alcohol Sales Ban on supermarket shelves

Hoaxers Claim Coronavirus Alcohol Sales Ban In The UK

Hoaxers have claimed alcohol sales may be banned In the UK due to coronavirus – as some countries ban it for real. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, there are lots of rumours and false information going around. Someone recently circulated […]
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Girl passed out at party with alcohol

Outcry Over Online Booze Deliveries In Australia

During lockdown there has been a massive surge in people having food and drink delivered to their home. And, while most people see ordering a takeaway as a lifeline, certain areas have drawn criticism, especially when it comes to online booze deliveries. […]
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Which Rehab COVID-19 Statement

Which Rehab – COVID-19 Statement

You may have many questions about how the coronavirus outbreak affects individuals requiring treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. You may also be uncertain what will happen now the lockdown situation is easing.  Many have questions about admitting clients to our clinics […]
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Girls enjoying new activities in Lockdown

Avoiding Harmful Drinking of Alcohol In Lockdown?

We don’t have to tell you how tough it has been to be in lockdown, staying at home, and maybe not know what to do with yourself. Addiction experts feel it may add to a rise in harmful drinking at home. Especially […]
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alcohol free zone

Could Zero Alcohol Beer Help Declining alcohol Industry?

Alcohol Industry In Decline- Could Zero Alcohol Beer Help It Recover? All types of industry in the UK have experienced something of a decline due to the coronavirus. Many businesses have seen sales take a massive downtown, and the drinks trade is […]
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Supermakets Alcohol Aisle

Massive Rise In UK Alcohol Deliveries

The UK Saw Massive Rise In Alcohol Deliveries Under Lockdown. Now we are seeing an easing up of lockdown restrictions and taking the first steps back to normality, many are reflecting on how their lives have changed during the crisis. Inevitably, having […]
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Seasame Street characters talking about Opiood crisis

Sesame Street Tackles Opioid Crisis

Sesame Street To Address Opioid Crisis We may be in the throes of a viral pandemic but there is another crisis still causing misery in the USA. America is in the grip of an opioid crisis. The misuse of substances like prescription […]
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South African Drinking Beer

Couple Die From Drinking Homemade Beer In South Africa

Tragic Couple in South Africa People all over the world are trying to make the best of being in lockdown. Many have shown great ingenuity and initiative, coming up with ingenious hacks for everyday problems. Unfortunately, improvising solutions can sometimes have tragic […]
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Addiction during Covid-19

Coronavirus Lockdown Affects Mental Health

Is Lockdown making drug takers use more? We have seen how the coronavirus has affected people’s drinking habits; some have increased their alcohol intake during lockdown. Now, addiction experts are also concerned about how being in quarantine may impact drug abuse and […]
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Stephen King Rehab

Stephen King and His Addiction Issues

How Master of Horror, Stephen King Mastered His Addiction. Many are taking the chance to catch up on reading during the Covd-19 lockdown. However, not many will realise that some of their best loved authors are subject to the same demons as […]
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Man Drinking In Isolation with phone

The Heartbreak Of Suicide – How Alcohol Can Be A Factor

Tragic Loss Puts The Heartbreak Of Suicide To The Fore – We Examine How Alcohol Can Be A Factor The celebrity world, and the wider population in general, is still in shock and grieving over the tragic death of Caroline Flack. And, […]
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Glasgow drug summit

Glasgow Drug Summit Discusses Death Toll

Glasgow Drug Summit To Discuss What To Do About Drug Deaths Amid Record-Breaking Toll Scotland is currently facing a crisis over the rising number of drug-related deaths across the country.  This may be about to get worse as Covid-19 diverts NHS resources […]
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No and Low alcohol drinks

One In Four Young Adults Are Teetotal

Going Out Drinking? No Thanks! As Almost One In Four Young Adults Today Are Teetotal There was a time when young people couldn’t wait to be able to legally purchase alcohol. But, times change, and going by contemporary research, it seems many […]
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Drinking Too Much May Add To Anxiety

These Are Stressful Times But Drinking Too Much May Be Adding To Your Anxiety This is a very frightening time, and people all over the country are suffering anxiety, unsure about what’s going to happen with the virus pandemic. The Covid-19 lockdown […]
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Price change on alcohol

Wales Brings In Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

Wales Follows Scotland And Brings In Minimum Unit Pricing On Alcohol Scotland was the first nation in the world to introduce minimum unit pricing, to decrease alcohol-related issues across the country. The decision attracted a great deal of interest across the globe, […]
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Corner shop offers alcohol delivery

Alcohol Deliveries To Your Door

Greenock Convenience Store Can Deliver Alcohol To Your Door For people deciding on whether to consume alcohol one of the main considerations is availability. If individuals wish to cut down or moderate their intake they may have avoid going to the pub […]
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Virtual Pubs during Covid-19 lockdown

Drinking More In Self Isolation Could Affect Immune System

People Drinking More In Self Isolation But It Could Be Affecting Their Immune System People now, and for the foreseeable future are being ordered to stay at home. Bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs closed in the wake of the crisis. However, it […]
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Health Groups Call For Ban On Alcohol Sponsorship In Sport

For a sports lover, there can be nothing as exciting as watching your team play in a major competition. Unfortunately this year’s 6 Nations rugby championship, along with many other high-profile event have been suspended in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.  […]
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Do mums drink too much?

Mummy Drinking – Harmless Fun Or Something More Serious?

There is no question of how stressful it can be to run a household. This is especially true as we adjust to life under Covid-19 lockdown.  It can be a constant grind for mothers having to get the kid out of bed, […]
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Alcohol when trying for a baby

Should Prospective Dads Give up Alcohol?

Should Dads Go On The Wagon For The Good Of The Baby? Everybody knows thatwhen a woman falls pregnant, she must change her habits for the good of the baby. For example, if she previously smoked then she should give up. Stopping […]
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shipping container

Effect of Alcohol Problems on Family

Man Sadly Dies After Family Lock Him In Shed To Stop Him Drinking. It can be difficult living with someone with an alcohol problem.  In many cases, family members may take certain measures to try and stop them from drinking. They may […]
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Prisoner alcohol tags

UK Prisoner Alcohol Monitoring Tags A Waste Of Time Say Rehab Group

Over 70% of UK prisoners say that they had been drinking when they committed the offence for which they were incarcerated, according to The UK Alcohol and Crime Commission Report. Overcrowding in prisons, perceived light sentences for offenders and the role alcohol […]
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Basketball players

Are Sport And Addiction On the Same Team?

Are Sport And Addiction On the Same Team? tIn the UK, The 6 Nations rugby championship matches are nearly upon us and with Finn Russell’s very public bust up with the Scottish management team, it seems like a good time to talk […]
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Mac Miller Music Artist

Mac Miller Drug Death Charge

Man Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Pills To Late Rapper It’s been 18 months since the music world was shocked by the death of rapper Mac Miller from a drug overdose. The 26-year-old died on the 7th of September and, almost a year […]
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Boy with water

Student Bar Stops Selling Booze Due To Drop In Sales

Student Bar Stops Selling Booze Due To Drop In Sales   When people think of university students letting off steam, they often imagine college kids drinking at the bar. We have also seen scores of American movies with students throwing wild parties, […]
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Cup of tea

Try Alcohol-Free days

New Alcohol-Free Campaign Promotes Stopping Drinking For A Day.   Now that the New Year festivities are over more and more people seem to be reducing their alcohol intake.  This could be by choosing alcohol-free drinks, drinking less or reducing the number […]
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Showbiz Stars Getting Sober

Showbiz Stars Who Got Sober Showbusiness, be it films, television, theatre or the music industry, is known for its wild parties and crazy social life. People have an image of Hollywood movie actors or rock stars drinking champagne or taking drugs before […]
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Prices of alcohol

Alcohol Purchases Down After Minimum Unit Pricing?

Signs That Alcohol Purchases Are Down After Minimum Unit Pricing In Scotland.   It was a ground-breaking change in the law designed to reduce the number of people abusing alcohol in Scotland. Minimum pricing on alcohol was introduced in May 2018. The change […]
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winter scene

Do People Drink More Now It’s Getting Colder?

We have long since said goodbye to British Summer Time and headed through autumn into winter. We see the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer. There’s a drop in the temperature, and it is getting dark really early, but how […]
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Empty glass

Are You A Dry Drunk?

There is a condition which almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. It may seem like the strangest complaint you’ve never heard of, but Dry Drunk Syndrome is surprisingly common and impacts many people. It exists where someone with alcoholism who may […]
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Picture of drugs in a bag

Drug Deaths Rise To Record Levels Across The UK

Some are calling it an epidemic. Others are proclaiming a national health emergency. This is after the recent release of figures showing the number of drug deaths in England and Wales, which is a cause for alarm. Drug deaths have increased by […]
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Drug testing results

Australian Government May Make People On Welfare Take A Drug Test To Get Benefit

It may be something of a stereotype, but, when some think of the unemployed, they can still have an image of a slovenly, dishevelled individual drinking or taking drugs. It is true of course many people on benefits may use narcotics and […]
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