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cryptocurrency addiction

Cryptocurrency addiction on the rise

17th January 2022

  Cryptocurrency is one of several behavioural addictions that has seen a sharp rise in recent years, and even more so since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the lure of stocks and the guesswork of gambling, trading cryptocurrency has been known to make many people large amounts of money. However, obsession with crypto-trading…

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alcohol addiction at Christmas

Surviving Your First Sober Christmas

13th December 2021

An alcohol-free Christmas The holiday season can be especially hard on those in recovery. A period of festivities is often characterised by drinking and lots of food. Even those who don’t usually drink to excess may find themselves pushing their limits around this time. If you’re newly sober then the chances are, the thought of…

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addiction at christmas

12 Christmas Triggers and How to Handle Them

6th December 2021

Christmas is a busy time, with many of us overexerting ourselves socially, physically as well as financially. This period can be stressful for everyone, especially those in recovery, and overdoing it can often contribute to relapse during the holiday season. People experience all kinds of struggles during the festive period. There is a huge focus…

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alcohol addiction statistics

Alcohol Addiction Statistics in UK

22nd November 2021

Alcoholism, also referred to as alcohol use disorder has always been a major problem in the UK. However, in the last five decades alcoholism rates have increased by more than 50 percent, resulting in a huge rise in alcohol-related deaths, illness, mental health issues, and hospital admissions. When discussing alcoholism, many think about middle-aged people…

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alcohol addiction

Alcoholism : Spotting The Signs

8th November 2021

  Alcoholism is characterised by the compulsive need to drink alcohol despite the physical, psychological, and financial consequences. What many believe to be a lack of willpower or self-control is in fact a serious psychological illness, one that requires treatment in a registered rehab facility. Alcohol addiction also referred to as alcohol dependence, is a…

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Child of parent with addiction problem

Children of Addicted Parents

25th October 2021

When someone you care about develops a drug or alcohol problem it can cause many difficulties for those around them. Friends and family members might cut you off if they feel they are no longer able to deal with the situation. However, when you’re the child of someone suffering from addiction, walking away isn’t always…

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Addiction during Covid-19

COVID-19: The Impact on Addiction

12th October 2021

Drug-related deaths and alcohol-related hospital admissions were already at all-time highs before Covid-19. However, since the pandemic hit, these numbers have risen exponentially. Covid has had a major impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of millions of people across the UK and all over the world. However, those in recovery and active addiction, are…

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The Driest Christmas Ever?

10th December 2020

Sales of low and no-alcohol drinks are skyrocketing so are we looking at the driest Christmas ever? We have been going through a year unlike any other. Ever since the coronavirus hit, it has impacted our daily lives. Now it’s also affecting those annual events and holidays we celebrate every year. Many cancelled their trips…

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Cheap alcohol encouraging alcohol addiction

A Week’s Booze For The Price Of A Coffee

3rd December 2020

Shocking research shows that the maximum recommended week’s booze ration can be bought for the price of a coffee. When it comes to buying alcohol, price can be a deciding factor for many people. Times are hard right now and money is tight. Many are wondering if there are more important things they could spend…

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alcohol banned on Scotrail

Scotrail Closes Doors On Booze on Trains

28th November 2020

Scotrail is stopping alcohol consumption on trains and in stations Scotrail has announced there will be no booze on trains in a response to the coronavirus outbreak. However, it may only be a temporary measure. All the way through the pandemic, people have had to live with restrictions. We have seen pubs, bars, and restaurants…

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