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Drinking alcohol before bed

Alcohol and Sleep

14th August 2020

A Little Drink At Bedtime May Keep You Awake How many times have you had trouble sleeping and made your way downstairs to the kitchen, thinking a small glass of beer or a wee dram might send you off to sleep? Alcohol has sometimes been a recommended cure for insomnia. After all, you have passed…

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Which Rehab COVID-19 Statement

Which Rehab – COVID-19 Statement

17th July 2020

You may have many questions about how the coronavirus outbreak affects individuals requiring treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. You may also be uncertain what will happen now the lockdown situation is easing.  Many have questions about admitting clients to our clinics and residential centres across the country. Which Rehab acknowledges your concerns and is…

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Do mums drink too much?

Mummy Drinking – Harmless Fun Or Something More Serious?

13th April 2020

There is no question of how stressful it can be to run a household. This is especially true as we adjust to life under Covid-19 lockdown.  It can be a constant grind for mothers having to get the kid out of bed, making their breakfast and keeping up with schooling. Now they have to cope…

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