Detox Clinics Near Me

Are you struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction? Searching detox clinics near Me? Which Rehab are here to help you find the right detox clinic and programme for your addiction and support you to take back control of your life.  Our experienced counsellors are on hand to provide free confidential advice and guidance on detox clinics near me and your treatment options 24 hours a day.

Where Can I Find Detox Clinics Near Me?

We work with a large selection of treatment centres, clinics, and rehabs all over the UK, who are all regulated by the Care Quality Commission to ensure you receive only the highest quality of care and treatment during your detox programme.

Our extensive directory of clinics and rehabs will help you find ‘detox clinics near me’ that meet your exact addiction requirements and budget to secure a healthier future, so you can rest assure that you are in safe hands.

Occasionally, there will be times where we do not have options to choose from for detox clinics near me.  Whilst location is an important factor it is also important to understand that recovery from addiction is a journey and a commitment to overcoming your addiction requires some flexibility.

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Is It Better To Attend Detox Clinics Near Me or Further Away?

This is all down to personal preference and circumstances.

Some patients opt to undertake a medical detox at home, at local clinics or in a residential rehab, there are various detox options to choose from.

Home Detox

Home detox programmes allow treatment to be delivered in a private, supportive home environment rather than on a medical ward or rehab to gradually remove yourself from your drug or alcohol dependence.

It is usually undertaken alongside medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and unpleasant and dangerous side effects.

A home detox is often the best option if you have commitments such as work, children and other family and life commitments that make a residential detox impossible. It is also a cheaper financial option.   However, if your drug or alcohol addiction is severe, a home detox can be too dangerous and life-threatening to carry out alone and without 24-hour medical support. You will be required to fulfil certain criteria to be eligible for a home detox.

Inpatient Detox

An inpatient rehab is where you stay at a hospital, detox clinic or rehab centre during the whole detox process. This is normally required if your addiction is severe as your withdrawal symptoms will require more medical supervision and dispensing of medication to detox safely. Choosing to detox through an inpatient facility, you will be provided with medical support 24/7.

The Process Of A Drug or Alcohol Detox

The process of a medical drug or alcohol detox consists of:

Medical assessment

Patients are required to go through a medical assessment in order to build an accurate picture of their individual needs.  This will involve gathering information on medical history and addiction details to develop a personalised detox plan.



Once you are beginning to be without drugs or alcohol for a period of time you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.  The type of withdrawal symptoms and severity of them depend on how long you have been addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Due to a patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms, these will usually be stabilised with medical and psychological therapy. This will help you through the detox process and prevent you from any harm.

What happens after Detox?

Due to a patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms, these will usually be stabilised with medical and psychological therapy. This will help you through the detox process and prevent you from any harm.


How Long Does An Addiction Detox Take?

Following a drug or alcohol detox, you will be prepared to progress on to a drug or alcohol programme where you will receive intensive psychological therapy. A detox programme is only the first initial stage of your recovery journey. On its own, it is usually insufficient for a successful recovery.

To help you find the right ‘detox clinics near me’ get in touch with Which Rehab today on 0800 170 7000, our experienced counsellors are on hand to provide help and support 24/7.