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Are you based in Bath, the largest city in the county of Somerset, in the South West of England? Have you seen your life fall apart due to drug or alcohol addiction? Which Rehab can be of assistance.
We offer the leading, most affordable rehab services in the district. Which Rehab provides the ideal detox programme to cater to your specific needs. Delivering the perfect therapeutic and clinical therapy to treat your addiction.


Specialist Detoxification services

When deciding on giving up drugs or alcohol, the initial step is often admitting to yourself you have an issue with addiction. However, many people may be in denial about their difficulties with drugs or alcohol.  This may be despite exhibiting the symptoms of dependency. Which Rehab can organise an intervention.  This is a specialist service where a counsellor can assess your individual situation and ascertain if you indeed require treatment. This could lead you on the path to recovery.


Alcohol Detox & Drug Detox in Bath

If you are all set to proceed with alcohol or drug detox, you can arrange to stay at our rehabilitation centre; the perfect location to carry out detoxification. This is the process where, under medical supervision, you will stop consuming addictive substances. This allows the toxins to be washed from your body. It can be a difficult process, bringing on unpleasant, often painful withdrawal symptoms. However, you can be assured our highly trained staff will keep a close eye on you and administer any medication you need to make it through detox.


Covering all of Bath including addiction help in:

Oldfield Park
City Centre
Bear Flat
South Down
Snow Hill
Combe Down


Get The Right Addiction Help With Which Rehab

Which Rehab believes counselling can play a pivotal role in drug and alcohol rehab. During your stay at our rehabilitation centre you will attend both individual and group therapy sessions. Allowing you to address any pressing or long-standing issues which may be contributing to your addiction. We also use up to the minute therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Integrated Counselling Therapy when treating addiction.

We can also help you with your recovery after you have completed rehab and returned home, with our excellent aftercare and follow-up service. You can be cared for on an outpatient basis, either individually or on a group basis. Our experienced counsellors can help you re-adjust to day to day life on leaving our residential clinic, which could prove an invaluable part of your therapy.

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If you are living in Bath and wish to be free of drug and alcohol addiction, then call Which Rehab. Contact our local rehab centre and we can help you conquer your dependency. If you want to get clean and make a fresh start, so why not get in touch?