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The county town of Bristol boasts a beautiful location on the Severn estuary and is an ancient place previously populated by Iron Age people and Romans. Bristol has two universities and is a centre of heritage and culture but, just like everywhere else, it also has people who know the pain of addiction.

Unfortunately, some of its residents have become hooked on drugs or alcohol but, if you have fallen victim to dependency, do not lose hope. Which Rehab can help you finally say goodbye to your addiction by staying at residential rehab centres in the area. We are at the forefront of inexpensive drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol and the surrounding area.


Addiction Rehab Treatment Bristol

Which Rehab have the skills and experience to treat a wide range of addictions. We can deal with your personal issues with dependency through our comprehensive detox programme. You will receive the optimum care at a local residential rehab clinic and experience our thorough drug or alcohol detox. Phone now and discover why we are considered amongst the top addiction treatment providers in the UK.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Bristol

If you, or your loved one, has decided on alcohol or drug rehab, you can begin your rehabilitation programme immediately. You will be attended by highly qualified doctors, nurses and psychiatric specialists. They will thoroughly assess you and learn all your past medical history and addictions.

You will be taken through your rehab step by step. Your programme will be explained before commencing detoxification, the process where drugs or alcohol are safely cleansed from your body. Detox can bring on difficult withdrawal symptoms but our medical professionals can prescribe various medications to help you through it. They can ease the pain and take the edge off as you complete detoxification.

If you, or someone close to you, feel you do not require help and have your alcohol or drug use under control, you could be experiencing denial. It may be clear to those around you that you require treatment, but you cannot see it yourself. If that’s the case, you could have an intervention. This is a therapeutic service where a qualified counsellor can evaluate your situation and show you why you should choose rehab.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Bristol

Drug & Alcohol Detox Bristol

When entering alcohol or drug rehab at a residential clinic, you will be assessed by highly trained staff who will establish your medical history and any past associations you may have with addiction.

Detoxification is generally regarded the initial step of a long-standing rehabilitation programme. Under close watch by qualified medical professionals, you will stop consuming drugs or alcohol gradually until all traces have been removed from your body. This can cause difficult, often unpleasant, withdrawal symptoms, but our staff can administer medication and drugs to help you overcome the side effects. Be assured they will monitor you throughout the entire process until you have finished your detoxification.


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Once you have taken that first step, you can carry on with your rehab by exploring the psychological side of addiction by engaging in one on one or group therapy sessions. Under the guidance of experienced counsellors, you could delve into any deep-seated problems, from past or current issues, which may have led to your drug or alcohol addiction.

Cutting edge therapy techniques as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Integrated Counselling Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are also available. These can get to the very core of your dependency.

Addiction Aftercare Bristol

Your recovery can continue once you leave the rehab clinic by choosing our unique aftercare service. This lets you keep in touch with an advisor, either by telephone or in person, who will help you adjust to everyday life since leaving rehab. The follow-up service will be performed individually, or on a group basis, and can play a vital role in your ongoing rehab. We can also see you as an outpatient, where we can help you acclimatise to life outside rehab. This can play a pivotal part in relapse prevention and carrying on with recovery.

Immediate Detox & Rehab Entry

If you live in Bristol and are battling drug or alcohol addiction, you will receive the finest treatment available at our residential rehab centre in your district. Which Rehab keeps abreast of the latest innovations in rehab therapy so, why not experience our services for yourself by giving us a call today?