Drug & Alcohol Rehab Devon

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Devon

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Do you hail from the county of Devon, often referred to by its official name Devonshire, in the South West of England? Extending from the Bristol Channel in the north to the English Channel in the south. Bordered by Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset and known for its rolling hills and fields. If you do hail from picturesque Devon and have unfortunately developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol, then Which Rehab can be of aid.


Addiction Rehab Treatment Devon

We offer an inexpensive, far-reaching rehab treatment in the centre of Devon. Which Rehab has the knowledge and expertise to deal with any kind of addiction. We lead the field in delivering the optimum alcohol or drug detox programme, catering to your personal situation. If you are looking for the ideal therapeutic and clinical therapy to treat your dependency, call on us.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction help in Devon

Sign up for alcohol or drug detox from Which Rehab and experience the most attentive care and attention at our celebrated residential rehab centre. Our committed staff of medical professionals will be with you every step of the way. Which Rehab can even assist those individuals who may be questioning whether they have difficulties with drugs or alcohol. Many in the UK may be in denial about their issues with addiction, although it may be obvious to friends and family. However, we can provide a service where, by way of an intervention, you, or someone close to you, who may be in denial, can speak to one of our counsellors. He or she could show you if you do indeed have a problem with addiction, so you can arrange for proper treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Detox and Rehab in Devon

If you are set to proceed with rehab, you can start with a medical drug or alcohol detox. Where, under 24-hour supervision from our experienced doctors and nursing staff, you can cease from taking drugs and alcohol. A small amount at a time, to progressively wean yourself off the substances you are addicted to. As well as cleansing the toxins from your body. It can be tough, resulting in uncomfortable side effects. However, our medical professionals will constantly screen your condition, observing any changes and prescribing medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal, until you have concluded detoxification.


Covering all of Devon including addiction help in:

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When moving ahead with your rehabilitation programme, we believe therapy plays a vital part in drug and alcohol detox. In the course of your treatment, you will go to both individual and group
counselling sessions. Where, with a specialist, you can discuss any overriding problems, past traumas or long-standing difficulties which could be at the core of your addiction issues. Many people also explore the latest therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) and ICT (Integrated Counselling Therapy) when treating drug or alcohol dependency.

What’s more, if you are worried about what’s going to happen when you leave the rehab clinic, and if your recovery is going to continue, then don’t be concerned. We also offer an in-depth follow-up and aftercare service for when you return home. Our advisors are only a phone call away, or they can come and visit, to check on your progress and see how you are adapting to life outside our
residential centre.


Immediate Detox & Rehab Entry

These are amongst the exceptional rehabilitation services Which Rehab provide in Devon. Contact our residential clinic in the area and we will see you through each stage of your treatment. We will show you that you are not fighting your addiction alone. So, please give us a call.