Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dorset

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dorset

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Dorset is a stunning county in the South West of England, right on the EnglishChannel coast. Famous for its striking landscape, more than 50% of the county has been deemed an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Unfortunately, beneath the aesthetic beauty, a cloud has gathered over Dorset because a section of the population has fallen prey to drug or alcohol addiction. If you have seen your life torn apart by dependency turn to Which Rehab. We can help.

Addiction Rehab Treatment Dorset

Which Rehab provides unmatched, affordable rehabilitation services right where you live because we have the skills and proficiency to treat any kind of addiction. Be assured we will oversee the ideal drug rehab or alcohol rehab to meet your specific requirements. We also offer the most fitting clinical and therapeutic therapy to combat your dependency. So decide on a rehabilitation treatment from Which Rehab and reap the rewards of the finest care on offer at our residential clinic in Dorset.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction help in Dorset

Which Rehab can also help those who may not even believe they are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. It is not uncommon for someone to be unable to accept they have a problem. If you, or someone you know, are showing signs of dependency but deny it, then we can be of aid. We can put in place an intervention. This is a specialist therapeutic service where a counsellor can assess your individual case and, if need be, help you face up to your problem and get treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Detox and Rehab in Dorset

So, now you are progressing with your rehabilitation programme, what can you expect? Following an initial assessment which outlines your medical history and past connection with addiction, we arrange a programme.  Then comes what is considered the important opening stage; the detoxification. This is a process where, under medical supervision, drugs or alcohol are safely cleansed from your system.

You will finally stop imbibing addictive substances, gradually decreasing until you have been weaned off them altogether. This can bring on symptoms of withdrawal, but our dedicated medical staff will evaluate your condition twenty-four hours a day. They will observe any alteration and also stabilize you if need be by administering the proper medication to see you through. this happens throughout the entire process.

Covering all of Dorset including addiction help in:

Wimbourne Minster
Blandford Forum

Saint Leonards
Lyme Regis


Get The Right Addiction Help

While you are being cared for at our residential clinic in Dorset, we will also consider the mental, as well as physical, ramifications of addiction. This is done through therapy throughout your stay. You will have individual or group sessions where you will discuss any pressing concerns or long-held issues which may be contributing to your dependency.

In addition, it is becoming more customary to use therapy techniques like Integrated Counselling Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction.

Which Rehab can also carry on monitoring your recovery when your time in the rehab clinic is over. This is achieved with a full aftercare programme where you can be treated as an outpatient, either individually or part as a group. We can help you face any adjustment problems you may be experiencing on finally leaving rehab. It can be essential for relapse prevention and evading temptation as part of your ongoing therapy.

Immediate Detox & Rehab Entry

So, if you live in and around Dorset and require the highest rated drug and alcohol addiction treatment in your area, then give Which Rehab a call. We will be right by your side, with all the advice and support you need to live clean of drugs and alcohol. So, why not get in contact? You may never be the same again.