Drug & Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

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Living in the county of Leicestershire in the Midlands? Are you trapped in a cycle of drug or alcohol addiction and looking for an escape? We can provide the key to release you from dependency so give Which Rehab a call.

We are lauded for an impeccable rehab service to help rid you of addiction without paying too much for the privilege. Which Rehab can oversee a one-of-a-kind drug or alcohol detox therapy which will focus on you as an individual. We arrange superlative clinical therapy, accommodating your own requirements because always use the personal touch when dealing with addiction.

Addiction Intervention Leicestershire

First of all, Which Rehab can assist people having trouble accepting they have difficulties with addiction. You, or someone close to you, may be living in denial about issues with drugs and alcohol. However, through an intervention, you can face up to your problems and get treatment.

You can press forward with your full rehab programme where you will be closely supervised by our expert staff. You will have an evaluation on arrival. During this we will establish your medical background and also any previous issues with addiction you may have.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Detox in Leicestershire

Now you can advance with your medical detox, widely considered the first stage of a rehabilitation programme. Detoxification involves stopping consuming the substances you are addicted to, drugs or alcohol, until all traces are out of your system. It can bring on various side effects, but our medical team will monitor you twenty-four seven. They will note any physical changes and also stabilising you if called for. Our committed staff can also administer medications to help you through withdrawal symptoms until your detox is done

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leicestershire

While receiving treatment at the residential centre, you can touch on the mental, as well as the physical facets of rehabilitation. You can talk about your problems with a counsellor and exploring any past trauma, family history or possible pre-disposition for addiction. This can be in individual or group therapy sessions. You can also use the latest therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to identify any negative thoughts or feelings which may influence your drug or alcohol addiction.

Covering all of Leicestershire including addiction help in:

Wimbourne Minster
Blandford Forum

Saint Leonards
Lyme Regis


Get The Right Addiction Help

In addition, you can proceed with your recovery after rehab, taking advantage of a unique follow-up or aftercare programme. Our qualified advisors will continue communication with you, by phone or visiting, when you finally return home. By getting help as an outpatient, you can ease your way back into normal life and continue your rehabilitation.

Immediate Detox & Rehab Entry

We at Which Rehab are leaders in drug and alcohol treatment in Leicestershire. So if you have a problem with addiction and require continual support and guidance, then please get in touch. Learn more about the varied services we provide by contacting our clinic in your area. It could be one of the best decisions you ever made.