Drug & Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

Do you know someone who is struggling with addiction? Is it yourself that might be having addiction issues? Do you need an intervention from our experienced Which Rehab team? If you call Liverpool home and are living with one of the above, please don’t hesitate to call our FREE helpline if you are looking for drug & alcohol rehab Liverpool.

Dial our free confidential Liverpool helpline – 0800 170 7000

Benefit from Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

Which Rehab understands how hard it is to deal with issues of addiction or love someone who is experiencing it. Dealing with everything on your own could make your addiction spiral, this is why it’s our specialist team’s passion to help you overcome your struggles. We will be there step by step to ensure you achieve the best results and draw up the correct treatment for all individuals needs.

Offering Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool

  • Acknowledgement

The first step is always the hardest, be in control to start the process of acceptance to unravel the road to recovery


  • Dial

Make the call or fill in a contact form if you’ve made the initial steps toward accepting the problem, don’t then bottle it up for it to flare up. The next step may be the hardest, but it’s the beginning of you being inserted into the best helping hands


  • Treatment advice & Expert Rehab addiction

Rehabilitation and treatments offer individuals the opportunity to start a fresh beginning. Upon completion of detoxification, rehabilitation aids people in rebuilding their lives and form exciting new goals and ambitions.


  • Aftercare

When you successfully complete your treatment, leaving shouldn’t be a hurdle. That’s why for your peace of mind, we offer a brilliant aftercare service to avoid any relapse following treatment.

Drug Rehab Liverpool

Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Rebab Liverpool

Which Rehab can help you find the right rehab in Liverpool. We have an extensive directory of  CQC (Care Quality Commission) rehab services that come highly regarded because of their quality. We are proud to only have these rehab’s on our directories as the treatment you receive will be of the highest, most professional quality. Care Quality Commission is a government-run agency of the department of health and social care across the UK. They inspect these services in the UK and only the ones that are accredited, make the directory.

You will receive a fully personalised programme of treatment that is completely tailored to your needs. These programmes are also catered to the severity of your addiction, so no plan is the same. You hill also benefit from:

  • Admission IMMEDIATELY – 365 days a year
  • Behind helping your addiction will be an experienced team of therapists, doctors, counsellors and nurses.
  • Empowering, expert advice to keep your focus on diminishing your addiction
  • Therapy from specialists to get to the root causes of your addiction
  • Regain confidence & control
  • Better sleep
  • Feel & look more revived
  • Make heartfelt connections with people going through the same problems as you – reinforcing that you are not alone

IMMEDIATE DETOX DRUG & ALCOHOL REHAB Liverpool helpline – 0800 170 7000

Once you complete the initial stage of rehabilitation you can undergo aftercare which will keep you on the right track to full recovery. We work with some of the top medical professionals to assist you with your journey. According to Alcohol change. Org, In the UK, Alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for ill-health, death, and disability amongst across 15- 49 year olds. There are an estimated 602,329 dependent drinkers 82% of these are not accessing treatment.

Don’t be part of the 82%, Call Which Rehab today!!!