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Do you live in Manchester? Are you dealing with a cascading addiction and are seeking some advice? Which Rehab will help put your dependency behind you with our drug and alcohol rehab in Manchester with our comprehensive directory of CQC Rehab services - the affordable, effective treatment advice near you!

Alcohol Rehab Manchester

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Drug Rehab Manchester

Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step. A regular issue is when people have constant denial of their addiction despite the signs being extremely obvious. In some cases, people may not actually know… If you need one of our expert team members to determine if you or someone close to you has an issue, then take the brave step to contact us and help you with a drug or alcohol intervention. There are no judgments and our advice can stop the spiraling loss of control.

Confidential drug & alcohol rehab Manchester helpline 0800 170 7000

Take The Steps to Recovery

  • Acknowledgement of the problem
  • Call our free confidential helpline
  • We offer intervention if in denial
  • Discuss the steps for therapy or treatment
  • Continued Aftercare

Drug & Alcohol Detox Manchester

If detoxification is needed, you can still proceed with a full rehabilitation program, where you will be closely monitored by highly qualified, professional medical staff. Our nurses, doctors, and psychiatric specialists will determine your medical background, assessing any connection prior to addiction previously. As part of our process, It’s paramount we walk you through every stage of the rehab process before you begin your detoxification journey with Which Rehab.

Regular counselling sessions to aid you through rehabilitation

Which Rehab includes group & individual councelling sessions as part of your rehabilitation process to help uncover both long-standing and current issues which may be adding to your addiction. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) & ICT (integrated Councelling Therapy) are some of the techniques our counsellors employ to help assist your recovery. Your wellbeing is our priority – we are passionate about giving people the chance to turn their health around.

Drug & alcohol rehab Manchester – aftercare

When you return home after completing rehab, your recovery can also continue. Our aftercare and follow-up services are exceptional. As an outpatient, you can receive assistance either individually or in a group. Our advisors can help you adjust to everyday life after rehabilitation. It can play a crucial role in your ongoing therapy and gives you peace of mind knowing you are not left to it after leaving our rehabilitation centre.

Addiction Rehab Manchester

Immediate Drug & Alcohol Rehab Manchester Helpline 0800 170 7000

So, if you call Manchester home, and you are in need of Which Rehab’s skilled services, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our helpline is fully confidential and the support and advice you’ll receive is the least we can offer to award you for your bravery in taking the initial first steps to start recovery. We want you to eradicate addiction from your life & believe we offer the support to enable this.

In Manchester, there are an array of free treatment services, these include:

  • The NHS
  • Social work services
  • Charity Rehabs
  • Public/private partnerships
  • Support groups (Alcohol Anonymous etc)
  • Support groups for families (a great help if a loved one’s addiction is affecting you)

Contact us to find out what services are in the CQC directory in Manchester

Our CQC rehab directory Manchester

We pride ourselves on being addiction specialists. Because of this, we have a fully comprehensive CQC directory (Care Quality Commissioned) to help you find quality rehab services in Manchester. CQC rehab treatment is recognised as the highest standard and that’s why we are proud to work with these. The treatment you receive in Manchester should be nothing but excellent.

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