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Norfolk in East Anglia, is known for its natural beauty. It is hard to believe such a glorious part of the country can have issues with drugs and alcohol. However, addiction is a national problem, affecting every corner of the UK. So, if you are living under the shadow of dependency in Norfolk, then get the help you need from Which Rehab.

We are on the cutting edge of inexpensive rehab services in your neighbourhood. Hence, you can count on us to provide the ideal drug or alcohol detox programme to address your specific requirements. Be assured Which Rehab can bring you the proper clinical and therapeutic therapy to aid your recovery.

The Latest Rehab Interventions & Therapies

Which Rehab can help you through every stage of your addiction rehab, even from before you begin your therapy. If you are questioning whether you have a problem and may be in denial, then maybe we can assist you. We can oversee an intervention, where a professional advisor can ascertain if you have an issue with addiction. As a result, you can receive the proper treatment.

Alcohol Detox & Drug Detox

Finally, you are all set to move forward with your alcohol or drug rehab at a residential clinic in your district. When you arrive, you will undergo a thorough evaluation. Our highly trained staff will learn about your medical background and any past affiliation you have with addiction.

You can then proceed with detoxification, where substances are washed from your body. You will be closely monitored during the process because it can bring on unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Our doctors and nursing staff will administer any medication you need while you overcome the side effects and conclude your drug or alcohol detox.

Ongoing Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Once you have been finally completed detoxification, you can undergo both individual and group therapy to explore the psychological aspect of recovery. Experienced specialists will help you examine any deep-rooted or underlying problems which maybe adding to your addiction. It is also common to use therapy techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Integrated Counselling Therapy when treating drug or alcohol dependency.

If you are based in Norfolk, you can also benefit from rehabilitation treatment after you leave the residential clinic. Continue your rehab at home, thanks to our unique aftercare programme. Above all, you can keep in touch with an advisor, by telephone or in person, who will help as you carry on with your recovery. Therefore avoiding relapse when you go home.

Covering all of Norfolk including addiction help in:

Great Yarmouth
King’s Lynn
East Dereham
North Walsham
Downham Market


Get The Right Addiction Help With Which Rehab

This is just an overview of the many ways Which Rehab can assist you in your battle against drug and alcohol addiction. So for the most comprehensive treatment in Norfolk, contact our local residential clinic. It could be the best decision you ever made.