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Do you call the county of Somerset in the South West of England home? If you have seen your life torn apart by addiction, you can learn to carry on without drugs or alcohol. Just put your trust inWhich Rehab and we  can show you the way.
You can depend on Which Rehab to provide affordable rehabilitation services right on your front door. Allowing you to profit from our vast experience in treating addiction. We offer a superlative drug or alcohol detox to suit your personal situation because each case is distinctive. Therefore, we treat every patient as an individual, delivering the ideal clinical and therapeutic therapies which suit you best while battling addiction.

Starting Rehab Treatments & Therapies

For many, first of all there is a barrier to acknowledge they have an addiction issue to begin with. If you, or someone you know, is currently in denial about their drug or alcohol use, then Which Rehab can help. We can oversee a specialist therapeutic service called an intervention. Where, with the assistance of a trained advisor, you can talk about your problems, which can help you accept the fact you have an issue if that’s the case. It could provide you with the breakthrough you need to get help. If you are all set to continue with your drug or alcohol rehab, then you can proceed with your full rehabilitation programme.

Alcohol Detox & Drug Detox

On arrival at our rehabilitation centre, you will be closely supervised by our highly skilled doctors, nurses and psychiatric experts. They will carry out a thorough evaluation while also explaining how the rehab treatment works. You will then be ready to begin alcohol or drug detoxification. Where, under medical conditions, you will ease consuming addictive substances as they are washed from your system. This can bring on disagreeable, often painful side effects, but our medical team will prescribe the medications you require to deal with withdrawal, throughout the detoxification process.

Once you have completed the first stage of your rehabilitation, you can explore the mental side of dependency, by undergoing counselling. Which Rehab feels attending regular therapy sessions is an essential component of any drug and alcohol rehab. You can meet with our experienced counsellors, on a one to one or group basis, to examine any pressing or underlying issues which may bring on dependency. There are also instances of utilising current therapy techniques like Integrated Counselling Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy when treating addiction.

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Get Continued Addiction Help With Which Rehab

Which Rehab can even take care of you after your time at our rehab clinic is finally over because you can receive continued support through our fantastic follow-up or aftercare programme. You can keep in contact with one of our trained advisors by phone or in person, to aid in your adjustment following your spell in rehab. This can be a critical stage of your ongoing recovery, helping you to avoid temptation and aiding relapse prevention.

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Are you ready to take up the fight against drug and alcohol addiction? Which Rehab can show you how to conquer dependency. Arrange to stay at our top-rated residential rehab centre in Somerset and we can help you turn your life around. All you have to do is call.