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Effective Fast Drug Detox

Getting addicted to drugs does not mean you are a bad person; it means that you have a chronic illness and need professional help to assist you in quitting.

Stopping drugs starts with a medical detox, it is then followed by a personalised drug rehabilitation programme to secure the foundations of your ongoing recovery.

What Is A Medical Drug Detox?

A medical drug detox is a process carried out to help you to stop the drug(s) you are addicted to in a clinically safe manner.

Depending on the drug you wish to stop, a clinically approved medication is used to help you achieve abstinence by minimising the drug withdrawal symptoms.

A medical drug detox can be conducted by a qualified doctor, a CQC registered residential drug detox clinic or a qualified prescribing mental health nurse as a home or community detox.

What Happens During a Drug Detox?

During a drug detox you will be weaned off the drug your body is dependent on, or, alternatively prescribed a substitute medication that will be reduced over time. This process is carried out until your body is clear of the drug and withdrawal symptoms cease to be uncomfortable or life-threatening.

How Long Does A Drug Detox Take?

Drug detoxes can vary considerably in the length of time. The length of time your detox lasts will depend on a number of important factors that should only be assessed by a qualified physician or addiction specialist. This is applicable whether the drug you are addicted to is illicit, prescribed, over the counter, or legal.

The following should be taken into account when considering how long a drug detox will take:

  • The length of time you have been taking the drug and the length of time you have been physically dependent
  • The type of drug and what's its function is
  • The possible dangers of withdrawal
  • Your current mental and physical health
  • Other medications or drugs you may be taking
  • You medical history
  • The levels of support you have in place during your drug detox

Do Drug Detox Medications Have Side Effects?

Drug detox medications can have side effects which commonly include drowsiness, temporary forgetfulness, and lack of appetite.

However, the side effects of drug detox medications far outweigh drug withdrawal symptoms, which can be notoriously unpleasant. Drug detox medications also greatly minimise the more harmful effects of quitting drugs.

If you undergo a drug detox with the assistance of a prescribed detox medication and with medical supervision, you are far more likely to complete the detox successfully without suffering complications or severe side effects.

How Do I Get A Drug Detox?

By calling us, we can carefully assess your levels of dependence and your individual circumstances. Following completion of a comprehensive assessment, we will recommend the drug detox that is most likely to work for you; that may be a residential drug rehab clinic, a community detox, or a home detox.

We will take care of all of the arrangements to ensure you get the best drug detox available.

Will A Drug Detox Hurt?

Whatever your clinical needs and preferences are, we can assist you in getting a drug detox that will prioritise your safety and minimise discomfort.

Many individuals who are addicted to drugs, delay seeking help as they fear a drug detox will hurt or be painful. This does not have to be the case with you or your loved one. Please call us now for immediate help.