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Are you or a loved one living with drug addiction and need advice and support to take the first step in getting help?

Which Rehab provides free advice and support to help you get the right treatment through a drug rehab London. Our helpline advisors and experienced counsellors are on hand to help identify the most effective treatment based on the severity of your drug addiction and identify the best drug rehab London most suited to your needs and personal preferences.

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What is Drug Rehab London?

A drug rehab in London refers to a specialist drug rehabilitation facility that provides a range of treatments to help combat a range of drug addictions.  A drug rehab London can be attended as an outpatient or inpatient to suit each individuals’ personal circumstances with an addiction treatment plan designed to suit each individual’s needs, tailored to the severity of their addiction.

A drug rehab London will offer a range of drug addiction treatments which mainly consist of:

  • Drug detox
  • Group therapy
  • One to one counselling
  • Workshops
  • Holistic therapies
  • Aftercare

Inpatient Drug Rehab London

An inpatient drug rehab is proven to be one of the most effective forms of treatment when seeking help for drug addiction as you benefit from 24/7 care around the clock being a resident in the facility you are admitted to.  You will receive therapeutic treatments to address your addiction 7 days a week which take place at the rehab facility and is adapted to each individual's needs.

An advantage of attending an inpatient drug rehab London is that you are completely removed from any external distractions or triggers that caused you to turn to drug use in the first instance. This is especially beneficial if you are most likely to feel vulnerable giving up drugs or find it difficult to have self-control.   Within an inpatient rehab, you also benefit from not just your addiction in hand but also addressing any issues that led you to take drugs in the first place.

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Addiction therapy at a London rehab

Outpatient Drug Rehab London

Outpatient drug rehab is suitable for individuals who cannot commit or have personal circumstances that prevent them from living away from home for a prolonged period of time.   Instead of attending a drug rehab London residentially, you will access treatment on either a daily or weekly basis, enabling you to continue with family or work commitments. In today’s modern world, this is also possible through the likes of Zoom or Skype.

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How Much Does a Drug Rehab in London Cost to Attend?

The cost of attending a drug rehab in London will depend on its location, facilities, whether you attend as an outpatient or inpatient, the severity of your drug addiction based on the treatment and medication you will need to receive and the length of your stay.  Here at Which Rehab we have a directory of rehab to choose from to suit all requirements and budgets.

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Care Quality Commision regulating addiction rehabs

Our Rehab Directory

As addiction treatment specialists we have a comprehensive rehab directory of Care Quality Commissioned (CQC) rehabs to help you find a drug rehab in London  We pride ourselves on working with only rehabs who are recognised by the Care Quality Commission to ensure the facilities and the treatment you receive at drug rehab Is provided at the highest standard.

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