Drug Rehab Near Me


Which Rehab is an addiction help centre, providing the best expert advice, support, and treatment options for all types of addictions.

We understand that when dealing with an addiction it is a daunting time to first admit you have a problem and then taking that first step to seek help.

At Which Rehab, we are here every step of the way to help you get the right help and treatment that you need to get you on the road to recovery and take control of your life again.

If you are trying to cope with drug addiction and are searching for ‘drug rehab near me’ but do not know where to start, then do not worry, we are here for you.  We specialise in locating and referring you to the best addiction treatment services UK-wide depending on your circumstances and preferences including drug rehab near me, alcohol, and behavioural rehab.

Is a Drug Rehab Near Me The Best Treatment Option?

When considering a drug rehab near me there are several things to consider to help you decide whether it is the best option for you.

Firstly, you can choose to attend a drug rehab as an inpatient or outpatient.

Inpatient rehab is where you attend rehab and stay on-site as a resident in a dedicated facility to receive treatment for your drug addiction.  Inpatient is known to offer the greatest chance of success in terms of recovery as you are removed from your normal environment where you would be exposed to temptations and relapse.  Inpatient treatment offers 24/7 medical support as well as a host of healing facilities.

If you definitely want to only find a ‘drug rehab near me’ you may find you have more options with outpatient drug rehab. Outpatient drug rehab allows you to seek assistance and help at a specialist centre during the day and then go home after.  This option is also beneficial if you have a family you do not want to leave, continue with work, or keep up with regular responsibilities.  The negative side to choosing outpatient as an option is you are still exposed to the familiar surrounding which normally acts as triggers for relapse as you can still easily access drugs the same way you did before.

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The Cost of a Drug Rehab Near Me

When it comes to putting an exact price on rehab, it is not as simple as just naming a figure, there are a lot of different factors to consider that contribute to the overall costs.

You may be seeking a drug rehab near me on the grounds that you think it will be cheaper to stay nearer to home or even stay at home. This is sometimes the case, but it all depends on the severity of your addiction.

Drug rehab treatment usually starts with a drug detox.  Sometimes this can be enough without therapy which usually lasts a week. However, it is normally recommended to complete a full 28-day treatment.  Without counselling, it is more likely you will relapse.  This results in needing to start your recovery process again and end up being more expensive. The cost of drug rehab is greater the longer period of time you are required to receive treatment and also factors such as rehab facilities also play a part.

On average the cost of rehab can range from anything from £1000 per week to £10,000 per week.

The Benefits of a Private Rehab

Do not be put off at the thought of paying for private drug rehab treatment.  It might be daunting coming to terms with the fact you are dealing with a drug addiction in addition to paying out a large sum of money to get help.  Many private rehabs have payment plans in place to allow you to pay over time.  Regardless of whether you choose a drug rehab near me or one further afield, accessing the right treatment for you is possible to get you back on your feet and regain control of your life.

Other benefits of private rehab include:

  • Professional treatment 24/7
  • Healthy, nutritious meals
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Leisure facilities to help you relax
  • Life in an enclosed environment, free from triggers and temptation
  • Group sessions for at least 6 weeks
  • No judgment

Which Rehab has a large directory of drug and alcohol rehabs UK-wide with different facilities, treatment options, and budgets to cater for all needs and circumstances.  Find the right treatment for you today by calling our free and confidential 24-hour helpline on 0800 170 7000 or contact us here.