Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Which Rehab offer recovery coaching for those that need additional help and support to either stop alcohol, drugs and dysfunctional behaviours OR remain abstinent.

Our Recovery Coaches are very experienced in their profession and have completed relevant training courses to help you or a family member to attain or maintain recovery from addiction.

No matter where you live, in any area of Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland or in an overseas country, we can provide a professional service that will enhance recovery from addiction.

Recovery Coaching For Those Still Addicted

Not everyone can afford rehab in order to get sober and clean but where there is a will there's a way. Recovery coaching is an affordable outpatient rehab option that can help someone who is still addicted to alcohol or drugs in the following ways:

  • Provide positive mentoring and inspiration to help you or a family member get clean and sober
  • Help the individual who is addicted to see that there is life beyond alcohol and drugs
  • Deliver a number of evidence based treatment techniques in order to help you or your family member to stop alcohol and drugs
  • Coach you or your family member step by step towards abstinence based recovery
  • Introduce you or your family member to a strong local network of recovery focused meetings and a recovery programme
  • Provide inspiration and understanding as our Recovery Coaches are in recovery from alcohol and drugs themselves

Recovery Coaching Supporting Addiction Recovery

If you or a family member are newly clean and sober following a detox or reduction regime, it is normal to feel very frightened and sometimes overwhelmed by life in general. The early and vulnerable days of recovery is when having a recovery coach by your side can be life saving. A recovery coach can assist in supporting your recovery in the following ways:

  • Helping to safeguard against relapse with positive recovery reinforcement and motivation
  • Attending meetings to support ongoing recovery, which initially you or your loved one may feel worried to try alone
  • Provide one to one recovery coaching using a number of evidence based addiction treatments
  • Help with adjusting and reintegrating into society as a newly sober and clean individual
  • Be available for you or your loved one to safeguard recovery at all costs
  • Attend functions or events where recovery could be potentially threatened
  • Bespoke recovery coaching

Whatever your needs and requirements are with regards to obtaining or maintaining recovery, our sober coaches can assist you in achieving your goals.

Flexible Treatment Options

As well as face to face recovery coaching we can also provide telephone recovery coaching and support and Skype recovery coaching. We are very much led by your individual treatment needs and what will work for you as an individual in your recovery from addiction.

Whether you need us for a day, a week, a month or even longer, we can devise a bespoke private recovery coaching programme to help. Please call Sober Guide to find out more today!