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Cannabis Isn’t as Harmless as You Think BLOG

Why Cannabis Isn’t as Harmless as You Think

20th June 2022

      In this article, you will learn to understand why cannabis isn’t as harmless as you think… Medical use of cannabis was legalised in the UK on 1 November 2018. However, there continues to be ongoing discussion about whether cannabis should be completely legalised and decriminalised in the UK. In January 2022, a…

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Commonly Abused Legal Drugs Blog

Commonly Abused Legal Drugs

19th May 2022

It’s important to discuss the commonly abused legal drugs… The term ‘drugs’ is commonly associated with illicit substances, such as cocaine and heroin. However, some of the most addictive drugs aren’t illegal at all. Some are readily available over the counter while others are obtained by prescription. There is no dispute over the efficacy of…

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Which Rehab answers long term recovery questions

What is Long-Term Recovery?

19th April 2022

Heavy drug use over a prolonged period can cause major chemical changes in the brain. Eventually, the brain becomes reliant on these drugs in order to function. While this can be effectively treated with addiction rehab, recovery requires most of the body’s key functioning systems to get healthy again. It also takes time for the…

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Opioid Addiction

The Rise in Opioid Addiction

28th February 2022

Opioids are one of the most addictive groups of drugs around, affecting many communities in all parts of the world. Most opioid drugs are synthesised from the Asian-native opium poppy plant. Mainly used for recreational purposes, opioids typically have a pain-reducing and euphoric effects. Deaths related to synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl are considered to…

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The Dangers of Xanax Misuse

The Dangers of Xanax Misuse

31st January 2022

Although widely prescribed for many legitimate medical conditions, benzodiazepines like Xanax now have a bad reputation because they are so commonly abused, and also highly addictive. Classified as a minor tranquilliser, Xanax has sedative, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant effects. When consumed in large quantities, these central nervous system depressants can produce a high from by elevating…

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cryptocurrency addiction

Cryptocurrency addiction on the rise

17th January 2022

  Cryptocurrency is one of several behavioural addictions that has seen a sharp rise in recent years, and even more so since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the lure of stocks and the guesswork of gambling, trading cryptocurrency has been known to make many people large amounts of money. However, obsession with crypto-trading…

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alcohol addiction

Alcoholism : Spotting The Signs

8th November 2021

  Alcoholism is characterised by the compulsive need to drink alcohol despite the physical, psychological, and financial consequences. What many believe to be a lack of willpower or self-control is in fact a serious psychological illness, one that requires treatment in a registered rehab facility. Alcohol addiction also referred to as alcohol dependence, is a…

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Child of parent with addiction problem

Children of Addicted Parents

25th October 2021

When someone you care about develops a drug or alcohol problem it can cause many difficulties for those around them. Friends and family members might cut you off if they feel they are no longer able to deal with the situation. However, when you’re the child of someone suffering from addiction, walking away isn’t always…

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Addiction during Covid-19

COVID-19: The Impact on Addiction

12th October 2021

Drug-related deaths and alcohol-related hospital admissions were already at all-time highs before Covid-19. However, since the pandemic hit, these numbers have risen exponentially. Covid has had a major impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of millions of people across the UK and all over the world. However, those in recovery and active addiction, are…

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